Foreclosures in Arkansas

If you are facing foreclosure, we can help you there, too. HydroMint Properties has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours researching the details that every foreclosure brings. We have handled cases where we came to a solution in minutes and cases where we have fought for months on end saving a client's home from going into foreclosure.

We believe that you are here because you are looking for help in your situation. We can offer that help, no matter the situation. If you are looking for advice, we give it freely. If you are looking for someone to purchase your house quickly, we (or our extensive network of investors) can buy it in a matter of days. If your home is in foreclosure or about to be, we can save it (and your credit) from the auction block. We are experts in short sales and can negotiate with your lender on these special cases. Contact us to learn more.

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The Foreclosure Process

When you signed the mortgage papers to buy your home, you gave your lender the right to protect their investment. If you do not make your mortgage payments for a period of time, the loan is considered to be in "default" and the lender reserves the right to initiate foreclosure proceedings on your home.

The lender then contacts a local law firm to handle the proceedings for them. That law firm is called the "trustee". The trustee files some papers in the county courthouse that tells the courts that your loan is in default and they have been assigned as the trustee.

The trustee then has some duties to do. An auction date is set for the sale of your home. Then they must deliver to you the notice that you are in default and foreclosure proceedings have been started plus they must publish that information at the courthouse, on the Internet and in a local newspaper for at least 4 consecutive weeks before the auction date.

In those 4 weeks, you have the opportunity to pay the lender what is owed on your mortgage. You also have the opportunity to sell your home to pay off your loan. If you can't do one of those things in time, your home will be auctioned off on the courthouse steps to the highest bidder and you will be evicted. If the highest bid does not make up for what you owe your lender, your lender has the right to sue you for the difference. Plus, your credit rating will suffer a tremendous hit, potentially keeping you from buying another home for years.

There are some other more advanced options that are available to you, however. These are the options that we specialize in. Please give us a call as soon as possible so we can go over those with you. Some involve you keeping your house and some involve selling it to us or our extensive network of investors.

The sooner you give us a call, the more options we have in keeping your home out of foreclosure and from having a foreclosure on your credit record.